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Preferred Employer Program

Your One-Stop Relocation Resource

Where will you be moving after your temporary apartment from Sunchoice? Employers and their employees now have access to a FREE program designed to give Preferred organizations an advantage throughout the entire moving process. Introducing our Preferred Employer Program—which provides solutions to the challenges associated with moving and relocation.

Save $1,000's on Your Move

The Preferred Employer Program provides savings on all aspects of the moving experience. Whether you are looking for an apartment, house rental, or home to purchase, we can streamline the process and pass the savings along to you. Exclusive savings and discounts include:
  • Corporate Housing - rent discounts, pet fee discounts
  • Homes - purchase rebates, touring services
  • Apartments - rent discounts, pet fee discounts
  • Mortgage - rates and points rebates

Moving from Another City or Just Across Town

Through this exciting program, we bring a suite of high quality services that have traditionally been reserved for an organization’s executives, that are now within the reach of employees at all levels. These services are now offered for FREE to organizations and their employees.
Combine your home finding, and many other services through us as your single point of contact to make the entire relocation process faster, smoother and with less hassle. You can choose to offer any or all of these services to your Employees through our program.
Whether your organization provides lump sum or reimbursement relocation benefits, our specialized team of experienced consultants will provide expert assistance and the best price value with:
  • Temporary and short-term housing
  • Apartments and home rentals
  • Home selling and purchasing
  • Group relocations

What Makes the Program Special

Our full-service approach offers employees Preferred access to dedicated professionals to assist in renting, buying or selling a home. The Program benefits include:
  • Preferred discounts at area apartment communities
  • Personal assistance from local area experts to save you time and money
  • One call for all your moving needs
  • FREE to Preferred employees with no obligation
Easy Payments
Pay by company check, credit card or ACH, on our private, secure networks
Easy Payments
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Your comfort and satisfaction is our top priority
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Your comfort and satisfaction is our top priority
Satisfaction Guaranteed
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